Interior Design Services

Create high-end designer look at your home or office. Architecturalbay takes variety of materials, textures, space, lighting, and furniture into account to deliver design ideas and interior details for your space. Our interior design services include floor plan layout, 3D modeling,  furniture selection,  flooring details,  wall details, ceiling details, color selection, and other features of finishing details. This stage is started after discussing about your home or building requirements, daily activities, needed features, exterior and surroundings, and other relevant information that contribute to a final perfection.

Whenever you get bored with your existing design or need a new atmosphere in your room space, we will gladly provide you our interior redesign service which covers from top to bottom. This includes adjusting and altering lighting, flooring, fixtures, cabinetry, hardware, and decorator selection and layout for a single room or the whole building interior. Consult the ‘issues’ directly with our interior designer. You will end up with better home environment for quality living!

Interior Design Pricing

Full interior design service is priced at $35/10 square feet*. This is normally the maximum price we apply. Get as many as 3 revisions on the design and 2 images of final 3d modeling for free! Feel free to contact us for further information if you have special project or requirement as the price might be lower.

* 1 ft² = 0.092903 m²