Architectural Building Design

Here with us, you will get the experience on how a designed building is not only about the aesthetic and functional aspect but also the art of living within it. It is when a well-designed building can further become the way of communicating and experiencing the nature and all of the surroundings.

You will be offered with complete 3D architectural design from our architects for residential, offices, housing complexes, and commercial buildings . It starts from discussing the concept and design scope, purposes of building, to assessing personality or lifestyle of the client until we get perfect extraction of what you want. Design scope is unlimited. Depending on what you want, we may design comprehensive land and space planning from building placement, irrigation and drainage design, retaining walls, patios, driveways, lighting, pedestrians, to pools and courts and other features.

The architectural design is then finished in 3D image output so that you can see the building texture, shadow and light effects, exterior views, building features and surroundings, and different perspectives of building clearly. You will  also get free 3d architectural rendered image for the final designs of the building exterior.

Pricing for 3D architectural design

  1. 3D architectural exterior  design of a building up to 5000 square feet*: $900 $450**
  2. 3D architectural exterior  design of a building up to 8000 square feet: $1400 $700
  3. 3D  architectural exterior design of a building up to 10000 square feet: $1800 $900

For each additional break of 1000 square feet: $150. Feel free to contact us for further information. Price might be lower depending on your project’s requirements.


* 1 ft² = 0.092903 m²

** Discount during promotional period