Architectural Bay lists building design, construction projects, and construction pictures and articles from various architecture and construction companies worldwide. This includes:

  • Interior and exterior photos/designs/projects/breakdowns
  • Furniture planning, design and showcase
  • Landscape planning, design and showcase
  • 3D modelling and rendering before and after images
  • Floor plans and house planning breakdowns
  • Various architectural styles from around the world
  • Construction photos and building construction process
  • Commercial building designs

In addition to project and product images in broad terms, we also feature specific areas and features of home and commercial buildings such as office room/space, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, home theater, entertainment room, lighting, ceiling, roofing, sun room, pools, kids room, nursery, and staffing area. Visit our gallery to search through images based on category.


If you are an architecture, construction, furniture or home improvement company looking to feature your projects or products and gain more exposure, contact us with your website URL, type of project/product/service, article title (if  you want to submit an article), and # of images you plan to submit. We will review your site and get back to you asking for detailed business description, professional bio, and project/image/product/service description to be listed along with your images. You must own rights to all submitted content and images. All submissions are free of cost.